Monday, July 2, 2012


Here is an excerpt from a discussion question from the psychology class I am taking. The topic was asking us to discuss three groups that had an impact on your adult development.

There are many different aspects of my life that have contributed to the person I am today. When I look into the past 31 years of my life, I can think of three particular groups that were paramount to my development into adulthood.

High School Cheerleading Squad

In high school, I tried out for my school’s cheerleading squad. It was such a leap for me, as I did not have much self confidence in my ability. You see, I was the only Hispanic/Asian at my school and in my small southern town. I grew up in a racist environment, which made me feel inferior and insecure. Still, I tried out for the squad, and I made it. I went on to cheerlead until I graduated, and we won Superior ribbons every year at cheer camp. This “leap” that I took not only impacted my self-confidence, but helped me discover more about myself. I learned that I could be fearful, yet still step out in faith. Mostly, I learned that I was good at something. And as silly as it sounds, just knowing that I was good enough at something to receive an award in it, gave me faith that I could do something with my life.

United States Air Force

With my newly obtained faith came the courage to join the United States Air Force. The Air Force is a group that has had an unrivaled effect on my development as an adult. I entered into the military as a shy, insecure, almost broken child. And even in basic training, I begin to change. When I graduated from basic training, I had no doubt in my mind, that I could accomplish almost anything - if I worked hard enough for it. I spent seven years in the military. I graduated from Leadership Academy, deployed once, and truly learned what it meant to serve. I left the military bold, confident, secure, and ready to journey into the unknown. The military gave me a type of confidence that will last my whole life. Serving in the military enabled me to be unafraid and focused, and because of that, I was able to thrust myself into the next group, which is music ministry.

Music Ministry

 My whole life, I have loved music. But, I grew up in a very old fashioned home, and music was not an accepted priority or hobby. So, I never really developed much musically, but I still clung to music with a child-like hope. After I left the Air Force, my husband and I went to Iowa, where he was on Recruiting duty. It was there that we became part of a church planting team, and it was there that I first auditioned to be a part of a worship band. Being on the worship band was significant for me. It was something I never thought I was good enough to do. I was happy, but even so, being on the worship band was not a “dream.” It was a humbling, confusing time. I wanted more- I wanted to lead and play a larger part. Ashamedly, I found myself becoming jealous of others at times and frustrated with leadership. Ultimately, I learned that if you truly want to do something, then you will go through “the fire” to and let yourself be refined by it. In the long run, I decided that I would not run away or quit. I would not let myself be consumed by jealousy. I would prove my commitment by learning to be content where I was. I would be humble and patient. And in time, I learned to be content in my small part. That knowledge has helped me in ways I could never imagine.


You see I, am just a normal person. I am just an average singer and wannabe guitar player. I am not great at doing any one thing, but I do have a great passion for what I choose to do. And being a cheerleader, laid the first foundation of confidence. Joining the military developed me into bold, secure, and focused woman, which helps me every day of my life. From being a military wife and handling the home front during deployments, to being calm in the most irate circumstances, to being a worship director and managing a ministry, the military has truly developed me into a strong, responsible, independent woman. My first experience in Iowa serving in ministry helped me develop patience for people and an understanding of the complex emotions that occur within a constantly changing, dynamic team. If I did not experience such humility then, I would not be able to lead and love as effectively today. Surely, I am far from perfect. But, I am thankful for all the experiences I have had, the good and the bad, and know that they all played a role in developing me into the adult I am.

This was just an excerpt, but it was very interesting to look back over my life and see how some of these "groups" influenced my development. I would like to close with this quote, from Joyce Meyers.

"But God had called me, and He qualified me. What others thought was not even usable, God saw value in." Joyce Meyers

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  1. This was a great assignment for you. For many, it's not easy to be this introspective. You did a wonderful job of weaving life's events into your spiritual journey. You've definitely developed into a strong and passionate woman of God, using the gifts He has blessed you with. The insight on using your shortcomings to grow and mature into the person you are today, is a lesson from which all of us can learn.